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      Converting the Bhangra Bus

Georgia (aka the Bhangra Bus) started her life ferrying kids around the American south. Eventually retired from the daily grind, we found her in a yard in Miami and decided to give her a new lease of life. After shipping her back to the UK (no mean feat it turns out), we set about the long task of converting her into a working mobile café.  Having never attempted to gut and re-equip a 37' bus as a fully-functional restaurant, we had a lot to learn, and fast.


Wherever possible, we used recovered, recycled and reimagined materials for the job, allowing us both to stick to our (very) limited budget and to reduce the environmental impact of the project. All of the bars, tables and benches, for instance, were made from reclaimed pallets and scaffold planks. Most of the work was done ourselves, with a little expert help from skilled tradesmen (thank you!).


Our idea for the bus from the start was to not only provide tasty vegetarian food, but also to offer a peaceful oasis for customers to enjoy their food and drinks in an atmospheric and comfortable surrounding. The bus has on board seating for 20-25 people and offers a refuge from the frequently wet and windy English festival weather. Come join us for a cup of chai and a bite to eat before you venture back into the party...

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